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Philippe Bekaert

Phil ( 30 ), member of the board and iniciator of Mundo Nuevo Action. Phil lives in Colombia for 3 years and runs a sustainable finca. He is deeply devoted to help the local communities. He is the iniciator and or mecene of all the already achieved projects. Phil studied economics.  METTRE TRENDS

In Belgium, the today team is 4 people dedicated part of their time to built relation with the press , with fund raising and conferences. (next conference the 2nd of october : Tero Bierges. for inscription please contact us)

In Colombia, the Manguera project will employ 3 locals and a part time Belgian, the Awingui project will give work to 30 families  and the Ludoteka is already giving work to 2 locals.

Mundo Nuevo Action Foundation is created the 25th of July 2017

Sophie Vander Elst

Sophie (58) , member of the board, was one of the first visitor in Mundo Nuevo. Convinced by the growing project, she will be the head of the fund raising for Mundo Nuevo Action. Sophie is also board member of Le Fonds des amis de My Wish.

Florence Henricot

Flo, (22), spent 3 months in Mundo Nuevo last winter. She experienced living in a world where a difference becomes a strength. She volunteerd to help in Belgium and assists Mundo Nuevo Action in organizing conferences and press revues. Flo studied office administration.

Valérie Brabant

Val (55), member of the board, has decided to settle for 2 years in Mundo Nuevo to help Mundo Nuevo Action with its first projects: Manguera and Awingui. She will organize the local teams and makes the follows up of the project. She will also assist the Belgian team. Val studied economics and accountancy.

In Colombia

The Manguera project will hire 3 Colombians for 18 months.

The Cooperative project will give work to 30 families of Indigenous Wiwas.

The Ludoteka is already employing 2 locals 

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