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In the Finca of Mundo Nuevo, village of Minca in the Sierra Nevada, our main projects started already. We now want to spread them with your help. The 3 main projects are discribed below. The Manguera , The Awingui and the Ludoteka. In addition we have started the Generation Waste project to sensitize over the problematic of waste, where  we recycle most of our waste and we aim for waste zero. Project below, Ludoteka, uses all the plastic bottles and lots of waste in its construction. We also want to dedicate part of our time in the Biodiversity Project with preservation, recuperation and reforestation of the Sierra Nevada. We are establishing a chart for people we are helping to invest in grounds in the area.

Manguera: reduce the waste of water

The pilot project ( 2016) reduced the source water waste-consumption by more than 90%.​

The Mundo Nuevo Action Manguera will consist in the installation of 50 systems of responsible water management in the valley within 18 monthes.

It will provide employment for 3 locals.

The problem of wasted water upstream will be managed and reduced for 500.000 inhabitants and its shortage downstream.

It will show the authorities the usefulness to derivate a river as they are planning to do , it will convince them to allow funds to duplicate the MNA Manguera realizations.

It will preserve the nature.

It is duplicable in the other valleys of northern Colombia and even wider.

Awingui: construction of a cooperative

The Project to create a cooperative in Awingui, an indigenous people in Cesar, is born between Phil and Luntana Gil to be able to support its community.

Living and working in Mundo Nuevo, Luntana learned to know the community of Mundo Nuevo's finca who supported him to commercialize the sugar cane-panela. Next step is the building of a cooperative to process and expand the commercialization of the Panela the most authentic. Panela is known for its natural benefits for health.

Valuing the ancestral work of the natives strengthening their community, maintaining and promoting their cultural identity through sustainable development programs.

Luntana( 22 years) is head of its community: 3000 families. ( you see him on the picture above, holding the floater)

Ludoteka: laboratory. workshop. exhibition.

Founded in 2017 by Ing Izabela Sanka from Austria, the Ludotekas main objective is to inspire a sustainable lifestyle with focus on ecological construction and appropriate technologies ( bici-machines, composting toilets, intelligent water management, reforestation and much more) by organizing different workshops, events and activities.

Traditional and innovative techniques are applied, using local, natural and recycled materials, collaborating with various specialists, always with the aim to preserve the beautiful Sierra Nevada. Up to 2018 Ludoteka starts working on a natural 'playground' for children with inspiring games ans installations to develop ecological awareness ans stimulate creativity and imagination in future generations, involving two of the essential elements in education:

                                PLAYING AND LEARNING.

Our Projects: 

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